Male Shaving

Male Shav­ing — Shav­ing for Elderly Men


Male facial hair does not stop grow­ing and a proper male shav­ing reg­i­men is just as impor­tant to men in their old age as it is when they are young.  That’s right, for the elderly male, shav­ing is just as impor­tant to him as it has always been.  Your father or grand­fa­ther has prob­a­bly been shav­ing every day for as long as you can remem­ber and wants to con­tinue to be clean and shaved every day.  How­ever, some­times when men get to an advanced age, it is more dif­fi­cult (or even impos­si­ble) to main­tain a male shav­ing regimen.


He has been the lead­ing male fig­ure your whole life, and always clean shaven.  Now you would like for him to be able to con­tinue to feel good about him­self and you want to help him main­tain his male shav­ing reg­i­men.  If the elder male in your life is the type of per­son that has always been clean shaven, then chances are, he would like to con­tinue his appear­ance as shav­ing daily and keep his dig­nity.  Although facial skin of older males may seem more frag­ile, or even paper-thin, there is not much dif­fer­ence in the approach to male shav­ing if you are 35 or 106. How­ever, you need to ensure to prop­erly pre­pare an elderly man’s face for shaving.


Male Shav­ing — Stan­dard or Elec­tric Razor


When you are shav­ing an elderly male with a stan­dard razor, you need to ensure to thor­oughly pre­pare his skin first.  Use a hot, moist towel to soften his beard and open pores.  For an older man, you really want to use a few drops of shav­ing oil, fol­lowed by shav­ing cream or shav­ing gel and let it sit for a few min­utes.  Then shave as nor­mal, with the grain.  To save on time, you can pre­pare both your face and his and shave together, it’ll prob­a­bly only add five min­utes to your male shav­ing regimen.


How­ever, some­times it may not be pos­si­ble to invest a lot of time each day.  And that’s why we have an elec­tric razor for shav­ing.  Yes, elec­tric razors are safe to use for older males.  Please ensure to use an elec­tric razor pre-shave oil first, then shave as nor­mal, and apply some mois­tur­izer after­wards (make sure it is a male prod­uct, as he will likely refuse allow­ing you to put any­thing on his freshly shaven face if it comes in a pink bottle).


Either method of using a safety razor or elec­tric razor shav­ing will work just fine for an older male, just like younger males, they just need a help­ing hand.  And you’ll feel good about hav­ing helped him main­tain good hygiene by keep­ing up with his rou­tine of male shaving.


–Greg Berg­son

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